Typography1     Subtitle ‹L› ‹/L› “white-space:pre-line” is inserted for natural line-break portions.
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Paragraphs are separated by a blank line. Two spaces at the end of a line produces a line break. Image
Markdown uses email-style > characters for blockquoting.
Inline HTML is supported.
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Shortcode brackets prevent the generation of ‹p› tags to display the line breaks, messing up layouts after (cr)!
A character or invisible ‹/› is required after the [ shortcode ] to enable the break.
Example with Beaver Builder Shortcodes
‹/› or ‹span›re-instates the (cr). However the variable is not styled when enclosed in span :-/. So how to style the SC variable? Post title with link: Typography1 [ wpbb post:link text="title" ] Categories: [ wpbb post:terms_list taxonomy="category" separator=" | " linked='yes' ] Created: 2020-09-10 Modif: 2022-11-08 User: Author: webappmaster
User information Categories: Created: [ wpbb post:date ] the span re-instates the line break!! Created: [ wpbb post:date ] User: ( wpbb site:user_name ) Author:
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w3schools.com/html/html_css elmred - Typography sample
div class elmred - Typography sample
.elmred {color: rgba(250,0,0,1);}