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Formidable Forms

Very good UI | Rich Product | Way too expensive 50-400 USD/y [formidable id="1" title="1" description="1"] [formidable id="1" title="1" description="1"] [formidable id="2" title="1" description="1"] View entries
Post Inserts BB

Post Inserts BB

- Post Inserts BB |  Incl acf_excerpt · featured image
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Hover based layers and reveal | Hover cards6 All Lay-out and CSS is located in this post card_06n Title_06n_o: Card overlay Description_06n_o Btn_06n_o layer_06n_h & layer_06n_h_o Title_06n_h_o: ...

Hover cards6

dr {color:rgba(190,0,0,1)!important;} cr {color:rgba(235,0,60,1)!important;} cg {color:rgba(0,130,0,1)!important;} cb {color:rgba(0,20,235,1)!important;} az {color: rgba(10,110,180,1)!important;} .code {display:grid; color:rgba(10,65,130,1)!important;...

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code {display:grid; color:rgba(10,65,130,1)!important; padding:4px 4px 4px 8px; border:1px dashed rgba(140,180,220,0.3); white-space:pre-wrap; line-height:1.3em; font-size:0.91em; background:rgba(254,255,255,0.5); word-spacing:0.1em;} Resources...

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Also available as shortcode Edit SC=excerpt * {box-sizing: border-box;} .title_01 {position:relative; padding:0 0.5vw; text-align:left; line-height:120%; z-index:53;} @media (min-width:1025px) {.title_01 {font-size:1.5vw; margin-bottom:0.2vw;...

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Overlay Click to close position:relative; top:50%; transform:translate(0,-50%); Add an overlay block to the page content Turn on overlay effect function on() {document.getElementById("overlay").style.display...

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Hover based layers and reveal | Hover cards6 All Lay-out and CSS is located in this post The layout and key CSS is in the "excerpt" shortcode | Edit SC=excerpt In case of several excerpt SC's in the page the last SC format variables overrule t...
Hover Cards5

Hover Cards5

card_00n | card_04n

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List Pages (Plg)

[ list-pages sort_column='post_modified' sort_order='DESC'] [ display-posts date_column='post_modified_date' order="DESC" posts_per_page="200"] Order: Not DESC?? [ catlist] Order: DESC definED in the Settings


WP EXCERPT for Template3 - id79281

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Option to select pages by id: include="33101, 23729, 44722"
See full short code options: list

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[ pagelist] [ pagelist] Title list only
[ subpages] [ subpages] [ siblings] [ siblings]

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[ pagelist]

Note: Also had Table of contents on trial. Deactivated.
Great idea. But no link to target. Not clear how list is broken down. A bit uncontrollable where and how the TOC shows up.