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Formidable Forms

Very good UI | Rich Product | Way too expensive 50-400 USD/y [formidable id="1" title="1" description="1"] [formidable id="1" title="1" description="1"] [formidable id="2" title="1" description="1"] View entries
Post Inserts BB

Post Inserts BB

- Post Inserts BB |  Incl acf_excerpt · featured image
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Member DB

Member DB  |   1. Managing member lists & registrations   -   2. Protecting content


Settings, tools • SS3: article/1801-slider-settings-optimize • SS3: article/1801-slider-settings-optimize • SS3: article/1801-slider-settings-optimize • SS3: article/1801-slider-settings-optimize • SS3: article/1801-slider-settings-optimize • SS3: artic...


column_n  |   sc name="column_n" N="91839_123" Nb="3"

Membership Management

Members only content  |   1. Managing member lists & registrations   -   2. Protecting content ADMIN ESSENTIALS Admin Menu Editor*** • Dashboard: reorganise the Admin Menu · Left admin menu • Plugin · Active • Adm...
Colm DEL

Colm DEL

| Column tests Edit SC column Edit SC column

V-Align Dev3

css | Find how to get max-content height as a var Not all convincing.. I'm id="hauto"-"height:50%" tall. (no effect) I'm 50% the height of my parent, margin:auto and margin-top50%, translated with translate(0,-70%) (why70%?) :root {background:rgba(200,130,200,0.2); ...
Test Categories

Test Categories

℗ | [ wpbb post:acf type='text' name='acf_quote'] Test Categories


| username:   Vita    Videos of the mobile prototype   (on-site examples) .BBLw1 {padding:6px 3.75% 7px 3.75%!important; overflow:hidden; background:rgba(242,242,248,1);}} @media (min-width: 768px) and ...

List Pages (Plg) TIC

ORDERED LIST • 66236 66858   • Hover cards2 66846   • Hover cards4 66826   • CV Post Hover Card 66734   • BB Post Hover Card 66660   • Page components 66580   • List Pages (Plg) v...

Excerpt width error

Cardstart: pw5
Card designer

Card designer

| Basic Card design (sc=card1) sc name="3cards" N="_3c1,3c2,3c3" | cardImg:FImg | h6_cardImg2:EMPTY | h2ior_Ft-titl,Ft-txt

Card designer2

∫ Designer2: card & excerpt combined• Contents: SC card4 | card1, card2, card3 | Very goo local card_06n5 HTML|CSS Revision nb: Bottom versions in the SC:card4 below -› class="contain card " is replaced by class="contain pw5 " which enables...
Card designer (dev. 20221220)

Card designer (dev. 20221220)

∫ The card height container controlled by % padding-top!• SC for the crop/hover img: sc name="card1" N="A3" W="30%" H="30%" mgnR="1.5%" img1="HYTTE.jpg" img2="LAKE.jpg" h1_Yshift="0%" h1_...


Simple card, local CSS _06n7 .title_01 {position:relative; padding:0 0.5vw; text-align:left; line-height:120%; z-index:53; font-weight:700;} @media (min-width:1025px) {.title_01 {font-size:1.5vw; color:rgba(40,70,100,1);}} @media (min-width:768px)...

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Note: Also had Table of contents on trial. Deactivated.
Great idea. But no link to target. Not clear how list is broken down. A bit uncontrollable where and how the TOC shows up.