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1. Hidden content (portion of page)
[passster password=”ior”]

Here is some content that will remain hidden as long as its password has not been entered somewhere in the page.
Content hereunder in red is hidden as long as the correct password is not submitted in the page.
Content: -›[passster password=”ior” hide=”true”]Here is the hidden content …[/passster]

2. Protected Area (content managed via remote dashboard)

The Protected Area
[passster password=”ior” area=”57964″]

The “Protected area” [ passster password="•••••" area="12345"] approach, however, means you need to create a content repository outside the page which is complex and has no purpose unless you need re-usable modules across several portions of the site.

Edit the Protected Area dashboard 12345

3. Protected Post or Page

View a protected post

4. Resources


        Hidden content: [ passster password="123" hide="true"]Hidden content ..[ /passster]

        Several protected contents:
        [ passster password=”123″ id=”ps-1″]video-1[ /passster]
        [ passster password=”123″ id=”ps-2″]video-2[ /passster]