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ACF 5.1.11 issues with get_field

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Core components

Syntaxes, Codes, Shortcodes

Insert remote
• Post [ xyz-ics snippet=”id” _id=””] / [ sc name=”id” _id=””].
• Page [ xyz-ics snippet=”pid” _pid=””] / [ sc name=”pid” _pid=””].

The title blocks used here are available with shortcode “lc” from both sc and xys.
The article uses txc1, txc11, txc12 tags. These two lines are wrapped with txc11 tag.

acf_excerpt acf_excerpt acf_excerpt

These are two p+p paragraphs
These are two p+p paragraphs after p+p was adjusted to margin-top:0.23em

And in the end .. two p wrappers – no br tag at the end of this line..
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make

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