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bg_collapse_level2 doesn’t handle the acf shortcodes / ok for sc name

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Add a line-break using CSS

h6 style="margin:0px -10px 14px important
Set the content property to “ \a ” (the new-line character).
Set the white-space property to “pre“. This way, the browser will read every white-space, in myClass , as a white-space.

Styling img CSS| .padded img { padding-left: 6em; padding-right: 6em; etc..
HTML| < img class="padded" etc..

Inline-block/white-space issue: Codepenn examples don’t work here. CAUTION /!\ Added ul li CSS in file /!\

No fix

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Not Fixed by < /li>< li> code formatting here vs Codepen…

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  • two

Totally Not Fixed by adding html comments after < /li>< ! —

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Not Fixed by CSS margin-right: -4px; needs -5px…

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Not fixed by omitting the </li>

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FIXED with font-size: 0 via:!/garand/status/183253526313566208

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Line-breaks using (cr) & [ shortcodes] (acf_txt1)

For a row of images, carriage returns (cr) in the code after each image prevent the single row alignement. (cr)’s are prohibited since they add a dirty vertical indent line.

On the other hand, ending Shortcodes [ /… ] at the end of a line disregard the break by (cr). An extra character or invisible tag < / > is required. Otherwise set the ending at the beginning of the next.
[ Shortcode 1 ]
[ /Shortcode 1 ][ Shortcode 2 ]

Images floating in a row. No (cr) after each image!

‹img src=”/wp-content/uploads/PDF.png” alt=”” style=”float:left; width:60px;margin-right:6px;”›‹img src=”/wp-content/uploads/PDF.png” alt=”” style=”float:left; width:60px;margin-right:6px;”›‹img style=”width: 60px; height: auto; margin-right: 6px;” src=”/wp-content/uploads/PDF.png” alt=””›‹img style=”width: 60px; height: auto; margin-right: 6px;” src=”/wp-content/uploads/PDF.png” alt=””›

Images floating in a row.