Featured field
ACF_Excerpt field

Using HTML only: Shows the expected result from ACF_Excerpt

Source= Article2   id=50955

In this “all HTML” version, using no shortcodes, the title, text, id, image, are direct-coded in the field “Featured” within the post Article2. They all display correctly.

Using shortcodes: Shows error cases when applicable


Article2 Gardon

  id= 50955  (via wpbb post:id, not acf_id)

Article250955: ØfL1.25% | Øsub2

Article2 Gardon

 (full origin page content)
“Image reference issues” ▷2 This temptative coding:

< img class="pØb" src="[ wpbb post:acf type='wysiwyg' name='acf_im' ]" / >

FAILS in page renderings when user is unsubscribed!

50955 Edit xyz-snippet cardlet1
xyz-ihs snippet=”Cardlet1

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