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WHWS USER METADATA WHWS ℗ List of User Meta S’Codes  – eg. [ whwsmeta meta=”role”]
I/O import-export-users · Meta Keys I/O Extra fields from .csv import
Funct.php Custom User S’Codes – eg. [ f_user_roles] (CGPT)
Illustrated-› /S’Code-DB-api (elm)
Avatar plugins
MySQL Open DB token   MySQL database
KEY DB FIELDS user_login, user_email, first_name, last_name, nickname = mobile_number, description, = birth_date, last_profile_update_date, last_login_date, user_registered, pw_OK, Note, role, user_nicename,display_name, source_user_id, user_pass

Members lists

• Production page:   /import-export-users
• /wp-admin/users
Testing {{approval_url}} | {{approval_link}} [user_meta key=”avatar”]

Registrations & logins

• Forms:    /log-in    /log-out    /edit-profile    /register    /recover-password
See major issue with JETPACK login redirect by Memberpress After logging in through the MemberPress login, users get redirected to the WP login page. SOLUTION – Disable login option in Jetpack.
• Add to docs: Redirect – [ wppb-login redirect_url=”” ]
“Members only” content

• Plugin analysis & selection:   /medlem • Demonstration:   /restricted-content by roles
• Plugin analysis & selection:   /membership-plugins • Demonstration:   /restricted-content
• Documentation:   Members shortcodes
[ members_not_logged_in][ /members_not_logged_in]
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