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• Best Show-Hide/Collapse-Expand WordPress Plugins By Shubham Singh / October 25, 2022 1. Ultimate Blocks:   FAQ & spoiler NotOK, Premium push everywhere. 2. Show-Hide/Collapse-Expand:   OK, Installed, not used yet. See below. 3. WP-ShowHide:   Installed, not used. See below. Too snappy. 4. Easy Accordion:   Installed, NotOK. Good customisation but content is in Plugin dashboard! /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=sp_easy_accordion Others tested previously:See Post > /posts/spoilers1 See Page > Page: Key-resources | Shows multiple spoilers 5. Not included in study! Site is currently using Shortcode Ultimate su_spoiler and Collapse-O-Matic. Other plugins: Azurecurve, Accordion & FAQs for WordPress By Codelizar: NoGood

2. Show-Hide/Collapse-Expand: By Bunte Giraffe (bg_collapse) | ≥ BunteG plugin | See inconclusive post > /posts/bg-collapse-spoiler-show-hide/

3. WP-ShowHide: By Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan (showhide type=”sh-content”) | ≥ WP-ShowHide plugin
5.a Currently in use: Collapse-O-Matic≥ Settings
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5.b Currently in use: SU Spoiler |
Membership pages for users to log-in and manage their account (Class:Spoiler1 Style:)