Cards_06n7Local code & CSS: _06n7L | Remote SC w. vars: [ card_06n7 N=”•” ]
card_06n7L: Local code & CSS | (use of id=”overlay01 is not clear and has been removed)

This is content based on layer_06n7L_h6:
‹article class="contain_06n7L">‹article class="contain_06n7L">
‹article class="card_06n7L">‹img id="overlay01" style="position:absolute; top:0; left:0; width:100%; height:100%; object-fit:cover; border-radius:5px;" src="/wp-content/uploads/LAKE.jpg"/ >
‹div class="layer_06n7L_h6">‹t207>This is content based on layer_06n7L_h6 ‹/t207>‹/div>
            ‹div class="layer_06n7L_o">‹w>_06n7_o:‹img src="/wp-content/uploads/LOGO_W.png" />‹/w>‹/div> 
            ‹div class="info_06n7L_o">‹w>_06n7_o:‹img src="/wp-content/uploads/LOGO_W.png" />‹/w>‹/div> 
            ‹div class="layer_06n7L_h2">_06n7_h2‹/div>
            ‹div class="layer_06n7L_h1">_06n7_h1‹/div> 
 ‹/article> ‹/article>

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TEXT •_h1
TEXT •_h2